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Becoming an independent AVON Sales Representative

What is it?

If you're passionate about beauty and cosmetics then becoming an Avon representative might be the perfect option for you. It is the chance to take control of your work-load and earn money selling quality and affordable products that can't be found on the high street. If you want to be your own boss and work within your own set hours then joining up with one of the largest sellers of beauty products is the ideal option.

What are the benefits?

Taking control of your working life by becoming an Avon sales rep comes with a huge array of benefits. The amount of money you can earn is dependent on you. The more customers you serve and see to, the more you will make! If you sell products to family members, friends, or show your brochures at your place of work you can earn up to 25% commission.

Although you are in control of your income and working hours, you aren't left alone. Not only do you have the backing of the Avon name, but you will be assigned a sales leader who will be able to help you make the most out of being an Avon representative and help increase your earnings.

The only work you have to do is head out and show your community the quality products that they have on offer. Avon advertises all of their beauty and cosmetic items on TV so that you can benefit from national advertising. Also, if you implement minimum to high value orders you are in with a chance to win products!

For its top achievers Avon offers a presidents club that has benefits including Gala dinners, discounted Avon brochures, discounted demonstration products, free samples and a dedicated service line.

How do I start?

Becoming an Avon representative couldn't be easier. Just by looking to sell Avon beauty products and cosmetics means that you're half way there - all you have to do is contact us directly for more information and we can get things started. There's no outlay cost and you will be supplied with all the tools you need to start working as an Avon representative. You will receive things like brochures, order forms, and a calling book to keep track of your customers. The registration fee of 16 will be split over your first 2 campaigns and deducted from your earnings (10 with your first order and 6 with your second order) making it as simple and hassle free as possible.

If you're searching for part time work from home jobs then starting out as an Avon rep will be perfect for you. Get in touch today to find out more.