AVON have wonderful incentives for both
Independent Representatives and
Independent Sales Leaders. 
The rewards speak for themselves.

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AVON’s Incentives

President's Club

Become a member of AVON's elite group of top Representatives, called the President's Club.  President’s Club is AVON’s way of rewarding you for all your hard work.

As a President’s Club member you will be entitled to exclusive benefits, discounts on brochures and beauty products.  AVON also take you on a gala dinner once a year and you will also be able to enjoy recognition lunches. You will also have access to your exclusive President's Club website!

Note: if you are one of the top 50 performing Representatives, you could be whisked away for a luxury, all expenses paid holiday to glamorous locations like Morocco, Portugal and a cruise around the Mediterranean.

Sales Leader Incentives

Top Sales Leaders can qualify for fabulous trips to cultural and exciting places such as:

  • Barcelona
  • Prague
  • Majorca
  • Monte Carlo
  • Berlin
  • Malta
  • Rome
  • Marrakech

AVON also have some fabulous bonus incentives in place for sales leaders.

AVON's top Sales Leaders also get the chance to qualify for a car!!

Both representatives can enjoy VIP treatment including exclusive gala dinners.

independent AVON Sales Leader s also enjoy various training and recognition events held at high class hotels.